Quebec’s only English-language school for pregnant teens and young mothers and, also, an intimate female high school setting for girls who need individualized attention.

Continue your education in a space that supports...you!

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We offer secondary 1 to 5 and pre-requisite courses to help you finish high school or prepare you for vocational training or C.E.G.E.P.


We provide a one-on-one learning experience along with unique programs that fit the needs of teens and young women like you.

Mom & Baby

Comfortable library and lounge areas. Pre-natal and post-natal care, groups on parenting, health, nutrition and life-skills.

Free Onsite

A supportive and caring nursery environment for mother and child allows you to learn with your baby by your side.

Frequently ASked Questions

About Elizabeth High

Not only do we help you achieve the academic requirements to graduate, our program is especially designed to help you with parenting, pre-natal and post-natal support (with lots of time for outings and activities too).

Can I attend Elizabeth High School if I am not pregnant nor a young mom?

Yes, we can create an individualized program to fit your needs.

Do I require an English eligibility certificate to attend EHS?

Yes, if you are in the youth sector program. However, there is a possibility of some adult students being accepted, who do not require an eligibility certificate.

Do I have to live in Montreal to attend EHS?

No, we are the only English high school of this type in Quebec so we accept students from all school boards from all over the province.

Is it necessary for me to register at the beginning of the school year (September)?

No, students are accepted at any time throughout the school year.

Is there a specific grade level required to attend EHS?

Any high school student is eligible.

Does EHS provide the courses necessary for me to obtain my high school leaving diploma?

Yes, as well as all required courses for CEGEP entrance or vocational programs.

Is it a problem if I am not at the same grade level for every school subject?

We have multilevel, individualized learning so we accommodate our program to suit the needs of every student.

What does it cost to attend EHS?

A small school fee will be charged to cover the cost of all outings, special events (holiday parties and end of year celebration), an agenda and school supplies.

Do I have to be a resident of Elizabeth House to attend Elizabeth High School (EHS)?

No. We essentially accept any pregnant teenager or young mother (up to age 21) who require our services.

Who takes care of my baby while I am in school?

If needed, there is a free on-site nursery for babies up to 18 months of age.

Would Youth Protection Services be automatically involved in my life if I attend EHS?

No. We are a school and are our focus is on education.

If I attend EHS, will my files be kept confidential?

Yes, absolutely.

Pregnancy and new born babies require many absences (doctor’s appointments and sickness). How flexible is EHS?

Since we teach individually, the curriculum will be adjusted to your absences, however your progress is directly related to your attendance.

How accessible is EHS by public transportation?

We are located close to Jolicoeur metro (a 5 minute walk).

Am I eligible for a student bus pass from the STM if I attend EHS?

Yes, we have all of the necessary forms.

Our school is a place where teen moms can feel comfortable learning and supporting each other.

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